Moondust News

Hmm….procrastination anyone??

Well I can’t actually remember the last time I made a post, but I just finished my Psychology test rewrite on the Moon Illusion, and thought I’d do something useful for the next fifteen minutes until History starts. Things have been pretty chaotic, which is to be expected, given that there are four weeks left of school, plus a week of swotvac, plus two weeks of exams. I won the Jean Yeates Creative Writing Prize (school writing competition) which came with $200 and my name on the honour board, so that was quite exciting. I have also decided on what to study at UTAS. I was going to do Arts-Law Advanced Honours, but that was going to take me six years and probably bore me stupid, so I’ve opted for Arts Advanced Honours, and I shall major in History and English. Can’t wait. I’ve chosen History 1A and B, Ancient Civs 1A and B, English 1A and B (pattern detection anyone?) and Latin 1A and B as my first-year subjects. So yeah.


Potty for Potter…


The final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published on July 21st (a Saturday) at midnight. I already have the weekend planned: I’ll get one of my parents to go into Target on the Saturday morning, I’ll request the Sunday off work, I’ll make sure all my homework is up to date, I’ll excuse myself from musical rehearsals and I will spend the whole weekend reading the book so as not to have ANYONE spoil the ending.

And the Order of the Phoenix movie is out on July 13th. It’s going to be such a great month!

School’s cool…or is it?

It’s that joyous time of the year again, back to school time. I’ve bought my textbooks and stationary, and I’m mostly looking forward to my final year of schooling. I’m doing Modern World History (I love the text book already) Religion (also another awesome textbook) Psychology (textbook is really fat) and English Writing (no textbook – just your brain!) I am planning on being in the school musical, and playing soccer. My aims are to earn my Clemes Certificate, and get EAs in all subjects.

In other news, Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) is bearing all in a new West End musical. He plays a young guy who has an erotic fascination with horses, and appears nude a scene or two. Parents are in uproar about the fact that a guy who is supposed to be a role model to children is participating in roles such as this, as children cannot distinguish between Daniel and Harry. It’s funny with child stars, they always seem to have to do something outrageous to prove that they are no longer ‘kids’ anymore, like Nikki Webster posing for playboy and Lindsay Lohan getting hooked on the drugs and the drink. It’s quite sad, really. But I don’t think what Dan’s chosen to do is too bad, (and no that is NOT because I think he’s slightly cute)  but I can understand parents’ perspectives. What does everyone else think?

Dreadlock Holiday

My goodness it’s warm! I’m really not suited to the hot weather, I belong in England or Ireland. Yesterday I went to the cricket, and it was stinking hot, but we had great seats in the shade. Amazingly England achieved their first win of the season, but it could have gone any way in the last half an hour. At one stage a fraction of the Barmy Army were gathering on the lawn singing ‘God Save Our Queen’ while the Beige Brigading Kiwis were attempting to drown them out with some of their own cheers. Daniel Vettori was looking as handsome as ever, and I delighted in observing him through my binoculars! Unfortunately he wasn’t fieldng near us : ( but that’s okay, I’ll recover! Overall it was an awesome day. There’s talk that Tasmania might get to host an Ashes Test next year, so fingers crossed that happens.

Not much else happening of great significance. Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

Liek so full ryt now

Oog (yes, that is oog, not ooh. My new word for being in PAIN!) Argh, I had chicken stir fry for tea, which was lush, but super filling. And now my tummy hurts. Last night I went out with some friends to La Porchetta’s in Salamanca. I’d only been to the North Hobart one (which can get a bit claustrophobic when it’s a full house), but this one was much better. Lots of space, nice big tables, lovely toilets (a very important component of a good restaurant) and, might I add, some cute guys! (Eye candy makes it all the better) Unfortunately they were working at the bar, and didn’t get to serve us, boo hoo! Food was great, but I was so full. We then decided to go to Mures for dessert, and as I wasn’t that hungry, I thought I’d be safe with a single cone. WRONG. The scoop of ice cream was bigger than a cricket ball! After that mty stomach told my brain I was full, which triggered it to tell me that I was tired. I hate that relfex, especially when it’s not convenient to sleep!

My best friend slept the night, and we watched a movie called ‘The Notebook’. I thought it would be a romantic, feel-good, slightly lame chick flick, but it was a sad and romantic love story, which left me in tears at the end, and I seldom cry!

That’s about all my news. I might go and see New Zealand vs. the Pommies on Tues, as I have to work tomorrow when Australia are playing the Kiwis. Not cool.

That’s about the most exciting news of late. I think I might go and have a bubble bath.

Auld Lang Syne

Yes, it’s 2007. Nothing of great importance has happened yet. It’s really hot outside, so to preserve the coolness all the curtains and windows are shut, so I feel like a recluse. We had pancakes this morning and although I only ate three, I feel really full, almost sick. Not cool. I’m looking forward to the Australian Open, can’t wait to see Alicia Molik back in action. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 yesterday, and it was actually better than I recalled. I also found out that the 3rd one is due for release in May 2007. Harry Potter 5 is due out in July, as is the final book, so it looks an enjoyable year in terms of audio and visual entertainment! Well I can’t really think of anything else interesting to say, so I’m going be like a cheese and go off.

Oh and for anyone wondering, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ means ‘Old Long Ago’ or ‘The Good Old Days’. It’s traditionally sung at midnight to welcome the new year.

Merry (belated) Christmas!

Apologies for the late greeting, haven’t had much time to get on the net! All is pretty well with me, Christmas was good, I got some lovely presents, inlcuding: eight books! (namely The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Mysteries of History, History’s Great Untold Stories, Panorama of the Classical World, Ancient History, and ‘The Times’ Complete History of the World, which is a gigantic book, both in thickness and in length!) I also got some clothes, a pair of shoes, and some chocolate, so I’ve been most reading and eating these past few days! Haven’t watched the cricket that much, I’m ashamed to say, but it’s become a tad boring since we’ve already reclaimed the Ashes. Still, I’ll make sure I tune in for the 5th test, as it’s the last time we’ll see Warnie in action. Not that I’m one of his great supporters, but he is an excellent bowler.

I’ve applied for a job at Rockmans seeing as Wendy’s kind of fell through (I won’t post details). Hopefully I’ll be called for an interview in the next week or so. My best friends works there, so it would be really cool if I got the job. And I’m thinking of dropping the SDI, as I’ve decided I want to aim for a high TER score, rather than a breadth of knowledge. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, more posts will follow when more excitement occurs!

TCE stuff again…

Today the TQA emailed me my Criterion Profiles and my scores for my pre-tertiaries. It was bittersweet info, I have to say. First the good: I got a score of 23.6 for Legal Studies, which is fantastic. I got a high HA for English Studies, and so got 18.4. BUT Ancient Civs, my baby, my pride and joy, of which I got an EA, ONLY RATED 17.4!!!!! HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT???? My HA in English, which normally doesn’t rate high, beat my Ancient Civs EA, it is an outrage!!!!! And I was one B off an EA in English I think…very, very, angry…..should have done Communications…..then I could have gotten 22.9 for an EA…*kicks myself*

Though I do have a score of 42.0, so that’s not so bad…I would have liked it to be higher, but there’s always next year. Modern World History rated very nicely this year and last year, so I hope it remains that way. Psych did well too…Religion has continued to drop…used to be up around 25….but no matter…

I want to get a high TER so I’m eligible for scholarships at UTAS, because a university scholarship will look very good on my application for the Rhodes Scholarship!!!

But maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself…..

 I guess I should be grateful for what I’ve achieved, and I am, but I have this tendency to always want to do better than I have, and to still get disappointed well I do something well. Note to self: must attempt to snap out of over-achiever mode….

Joy to the World!

I woke up groggily this morning about half an hour ago, having had a crappy sleep because I was so worried about my exam results and my new job. I checked my email, not expecting the TQA to send anything til nine o’clock, but here were the results, and I am so happy!!!!!

Legal Studies: EA

Ancient Civs: EA

English Studies: HA

Intro to Sociology and Pysch: EA

Accerlerated French: HA/CA

SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!

I scream, you scream…

A few days ago a friend of my mum’s who knew that I was in search of some work for the holidays, asked if I would be interested in working at Wendy’s (the ice cream place), as her daughter works there and they were after some more people. My first reaction was ‘argh! I can’t do that! Too hard!’ my second reaction was ‘argh, not the food industry again!’ (I’ve been working at a bakery for the past two years…not cool when you drop the last custard tart or scallop pie someone’s just asked for) But my third reaction was, ‘hmm, I really am skint, perhaps it won’t be so bad….’

So I said yes. We didn’t hear anything for a few days, so figured they’d found someone else, but then I found out yesterday arvo that they want me for an interview tomorrow morning at eleven. I’M SO SCARED!!!!! There are so many ice creams with different lolly combinations, plus smoothies and shakes, plus the ruddy hot dog maker!!! I really hate not being prepared, and just having to stuff up multiple times in the process of learning!!! It took me ages at the bakery to not want to throw up every time I had to serve a customer, so I’m really hoping it doesn’t take me that long this time. Mum’s said they pay well and they’re really nice, and there are always at least three or four people working at a time, so maybe it won’t be so bad….BUT I’M TERRIFIED!!!

Plus tomorrow we get our exam results….what an awful day for me!!! I’m pretty sure I’ll get an HA in English, because I had to get straight A’s in the exam to get an EA (impossible), fingers crossed EA for Ancient Civs, and probably a stupid HA for Legal because of the shocking exam paper, after all my hard work to get myself an EA internally!!!! Sigh, what’s done is done I guess….

Oh and I am doing five pre-tertiaries next year: Religion, Mod World History, Psychology, English Writing, Student-Directed Inquiry. Though if I get this job I think I’ll have to drop one, as I don’t think I’ll be able to manage all five, due to the fact I want to be in the school musical too. So the SDI might have to go (sounds like a disease, doesn’t it?!)

 Anyhoo, best be off to the Wendy’s website to study all the ice creams!!! Wish me luck!!!